Keep Me in Flowers

Last year, at the Big Summer Show the Parsons Gallery of the West throws every year, I actually sold one of my still-life flor

Along the Path

A couple of years ago, I watched a few video demonstrations by abstract expressionists I admire and I decided to try their pro

Take Me to the River

Wash me in the water. I like to paint abstracts in between my more narrative pieces because it helps me explore color and pain

Aspen Ridge

Oddly enough, this painting has proven to be controversial. At least between me and one of my gallerists. For me, it’s a

Wild Plums in Northern New Mexico

There is a point in the season of Spring – right about in the middle – when we step outside and are engulfed with the scen

The 2022 Holiday Show

This evening is the opening reception for the 2022 Parsons Gallery of the West Holiday Show and I have been busy making small

Commissioned painting “The Edge of Understanding”

During the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, I started and completed my first real commissioned piece of art, an oil I

More bigness

I have been gifted a couple of extremely large canvases and it’s been so rewarding to fling paint without regard for how

Terrible beauty

A friend gave me a large canvas she had started working on but never finished. I know how that can be. I accepted it gladly, t

The Wind in the Garden

Here’s an example of the many layers and changes one of these abstracts go through in the process of coming into being.