Take Me to the River

“Take Me to the River,” acrylic on canvas, 12×9

Wash me in the water.

I like to paint abstracts in between my more narrative pieces because it helps me explore color and paint more than the other works allow, probably because I have put meaning on the back burner and am just exploring stroke and color, layers, and light.

I have watched plenty of demos on youtube by some of my favorite living expressionists and have used some of their techniques to explore abstractions.

This piece, was an eye-opener for me because I discovered a few things about my psyche while painting it, plus it was about the last in this particular series. I still do abstracts but acrylics just aren’t sturdy enough in my current market to spend much time there.

Though I love the Al Green recording, this piece is more locked into the Talking Heads cover of the tune, with the meaning being dark and unresolved, with the weird gargle of “Washing me down, washing me …..”

I have a house full of abstracts and one day, they will find the right walls.