Get Your Ponies Out of My Garden!

“Get Your Ponies Out of My Garden,” oil on panel, 9×12

This is one of my favorite paintings and I am surprised it hasn’t sold yet, but it probably is meant to go to just the right person and that’s why it’s still in my inventory.

Originally, it was a mixed media piece on ledger paper, and the original was given by my husband to the actor Gary Farmer when his band was visiting. It’s possible the rolled-up piece of paper ended up on the floor of his rental car and he never really received it, but I’m going to pretend that for a glimmer, he took the gift as it was meant.

I ended up doing this version in oil on a canvas panel.

The title of the painting comes from the cult movie “Pow Wow Highway,” which stars Gary Farmer and A Martinez. IMDB says “Two Northern Cheyenne men take a road trip from Montana to New Mexico to bail out the sister of one of them who has been framed and arrested in Santa Fe. On the way, they begin to reconnect to their spiritual heritage.”

On their way, they stop at an auntie’s house to get some old Indian wisdom and she laughs, then pauses for emphasis and says, “Git yer ponies outta my garden!” then laughs hysterically.

There are many wonderful lines from the movie, but this line is my favorite.

I would also mention that my handsome husband appears in the movie for a second or two, in line for food at a pow-wow celebration, and that the music is mostly by Robbie Robertson, and if you haven’t seen it, and you appreciate native stories and humor, you should watch it.

UPDATE: Rick got a message from Gary yesterday saying he actually did get the drawing, and it’s framed and hanging in his kitchen. This news made me so happy I cried a little bit.