Same subject, different handling

Here are two recent paintings of the same subject matter: My Garden. It’s a modest pollinator garden in Lower Ranchitos.


We spend a lot of time considering “curb appeal” for our homes. There are television shows devoted in making a good impres

From the Foothills

There are views you see and you think, “By God! That’s gorgeous and I need to remember that so I can paint it!R

Mud Season

The view from our front door is so familiar to me, I sometimes forget how remarkable it is. That’s why I think it’

Get Your Ponies Out of My Garden!

This is one of my favorite paintings and I am surprised it hasn’t sold yet, but it probably is meant to go to just the r

A Walk to the Edge

“A Walk to the Edge” is one of those paintings that captures the hushed silence of the edge of an aspen meadow in

Aspen Ridge

Oddly enough, this painting has proven to be controversial. At least between me and one of my gallerists. For me, it’s a

Hunters’ Return

This painting is an homage to one of my favorite painters of the Northern Renaissance period, Pieter Bruegel the Elder. When I

San Isidro (the saint, not the church)

In this painting, a farmer with a glowing halo is shown. Instead of seeing an angel hitched to a plow, which is a popular depi

Springtime at Springwild

I painted this mostly out on my back patio. My husband always laughs when I call it a patio because it is just a few flagstone