Western Art Collector write-up

Parsons Gallery of the West has featured the Historic Storytellers’ show at the gallery opening on May 17th and we got a ter

The Gift of Water

I just finished a large canvas of one of my favorite subjects: the field opposite our house in Lower Ranchitos. This time, ins

Fun with prints

I’ve been experimenting with my artwork on clothing and other prints. There’s a trick to setting things up for all

Landscapes take shape

As I’m getting ready for the Spring show at Parsons Gallery of the West, I am thinking about how a landscape tells a sto

One view, three paintings

I have slowed down my output to work on my technique. In other words, I spent enough time with a particular subject to be able

The Holiday Miniature Show at Parsons

As the winter winds whisper tales of enchantment and the holiday season ushers in a spirit of wonder, Parsons Gallery of the W

Same subject, different handling

Here are two recent paintings of the same subject matter: My Garden. It’s a modest pollinator garden in Lower Ranchitos.


We spend a lot of time considering “curb appeal” for our homes. There are television shows devoted in making a good impres

From the Foothills

There are views you see and you think, “By God! That’s gorgeous and I need to remember that so I can paint it!R

Mud Season

The view from our front door is so familiar to me, I sometimes forget how remarkable it is. That’s why I think it’