Time for some abstract play

I was able to get my hands on some pretty large canvases and I’ve been having a great time letting myself loose with the

Western Art Collector write-up

Parsons Gallery of the West has featured the Historic Storytellers’ show at the gallery opening on May 17th and we got a ter

The Gift of Water

I just finished a large canvas of one of my favorite subjects: the field opposite our house in Lower Ranchitos. This time, ins

Fun with prints

I’ve been experimenting with my artwork on clothing and other prints. There’s a trick to setting things up for all

The Snows of Yesteryear

I appreciated this image so much which I generated with an early AI-art generation application called SnowPixel that I decided

Paintings for my Grand Babies

A few months ago I made three paintings for my granddaughters. In the meantime, I found out I’ll be welcoming a fourth g

Landscapes take shape

As I’m getting ready for the Spring show at Parsons Gallery of the West, I am thinking about how a landscape tells a sto

Results may Vary

Every once in a while I will make a miniature abstract and this one is special because, to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New

One view, three paintings

I have slowed down my output to work on my technique. In other words, I spent enough time with a particular subject to be able

She Prayed

One morning while sitting in a local doctor’s waiting room, a guy came in and sat down, but he started telling stories r