Paintings for my Grand Babies

A few months ago I made three paintings for my granddaughters. In the meantime, I found out I’ll be welcoming a fourth grandchild in May. I will have to make a painting for this baby after she is well on the road.

My oldest granddaughter, Layla is getting a painting of a unicorn, of course. It’s her big love. I wanted to do an oil painting with this subject and I wanted it to have a lot of the style and energy of the movie “Legend.” “Layla’s Unicorn” painting is a blend of mystique and beauty, depicting this elusive creature in all its glory. From medieval tapestries to modern canvases, the unicorn has been a symbol of purity, grace, and enchantment. Whether portrayed prancing through a sun-dappled forest or gazing serenely amidst a starlit landscape, unicorn paintings transport us to realms where magic and reality intertwine.

My middle girl is getting a painting called “Reading Bonnie Glen” which shows a little field mouse in an anthropomorphized underground house. The mouse becomes a delightful embodiment of the joy of learning. As it turns the pages with tiny paws and its eyes sparkle with wonder, young readers are invited into a world where imagination knows no bounds. The scene captures the essence of childhood innocence and the magic of storytelling, reminding us all of the enchanting journeys that unfold with each turn of a beloved book. HER book!

My youngest (for now) Stella is getting a painting of her beloved Butters the Cat. He was a stray kitty her daddy found on a cold empty road in the middle of nowhere and brought home. Butters is transformed into St. Butters, the subject of a saintly portrait. With a halo encircling his head and a serene expression on his face, Butters takes on an otherworldly aura, transcending his earthly origins. His gaze, mischievous and playful, also carries a profound wisdom that seems to whisper secrets of the universe.

I signed them “Grandma Melody,” and I learned they arrived today, so now I can share them with you.