A Walk to the Edge

“A Walk to the Edge,” oil on canvas, 11×14

“A Walk to the Edge” is one of those paintings that captures the hushed silence of the edge of an aspen meadow in autumn.

I’ve done several versions of this scene and I love the interplay between the colors and the shapes. There is a lot of Alizarin Crimson in this, which gives it that cool red yet still warm feel. The cross-hatched layers are built up like layers of leaf litter on a small grove’s floor.

In the distance, we can see evergreens reaching to the top of a nearby foothill. We know if we proceeded up this mountain and its foothills, we would eventually meet another treeline.

I made the sky yellow to suggest that magic, golden time in the early morning or very late afternoon, where the sky becomes the color of the sun as if it never held anything blue.

It is a walk to the edge of understanding but not yet standing in it. It is a place of transition and of continuing the upward journey to the mountain top.