The Snows of Yesteryear

I appreciated this image so much which I generated with an early AI-art generation application called SnowPixel that I decided

Whimsical Wisdom

The Duendes Series and ‘Juggling Three Suns’ I’ve been working on a series of folk art pieces I call “Duendes,

The Holiday Miniature Show at Parsons

As the winter winds whisper tales of enchantment and the holiday season ushers in a spirit of wonder, Parsons Gallery of the W

Same subject, different handling

Here are two recent paintings of the same subject matter: My Garden. It’s a modest pollinator garden in Lower Ranchitos.


We spend a lot of time considering “curb appeal” for our homes. There are television shows devoted in making a good impres

Keep Me in Flowers

Last year, at the Big Summer Show the Parsons Gallery of the West throws every year, I actually sold one of my still-life flor

Skull and Morning Glories

When we first moved into our house (in 2005) we weren’t sure what plants might be growing and I discovered morning glori

From the Foothills

There are views you see and you think, “By God! That’s gorgeous and I need to remember that so I can paint it!R

The Boss

Politics in Northern New Mexico might seem complicated to an outsider, but to someone who is either from here or has been here

Along the Path

A couple of years ago, I watched a few video demonstrations by abstract expressionists I admire and I decided to try their pro