Skull and Morning Glories

“Skull and Morning Glories,” oil on canvas, 12×9

When we first moved into our house (in 2005) we weren’t sure what plants might be growing and I discovered morning glories growing by the front door. I encouraged them with water and a little weeding and they eventually took over a wire shelf I had placed in the flower bed. I then got the idea to put a cow skull on the shelves and let the morning glories grow around and through it.

The morning glories are no longer there. They’ve been crowded out by mountain 4 o’clocks and a clump of milkweed I have also encouraged. But for a while there, I had a beautiful tribute to Georgia O’Keeffe. That’s two Es and two Fs.

And to the old colleague from the paper who said I shouldn’t write about my work, you are sadly mistaken, my friend. Writing about painting comes as naturally to me as painting, and it feels good to explain sometimes. And regarding Taos, I lasted longer than you did. Where’s my prize?