Keep Me in Flowers

“Keep Me in Flowers,” oil on linen panel, 16×12

Last year, at the Big Summer Show the Parsons Gallery of the West throws every year, I actually sold one of my still-life floral abstracts. This is kind of a big deal for me because the gallery is so traditional it hasn’t offered much in the way of Modernist or even abstract works. It seemed like a big deal to sell something that non-traditional.

Since painting these floral abstracts is so much fun for me and helps me explore paint in ways I wouldn’t find possible within traditional constraints, I decided each big show, I would try to have at least one of them available.

So this is my abstract offering for the Big Summer Show which opens August 4 at the gallery. The title, “Keep Me in Flowers,” is one of those ideas about becoming so successful as an artist that I’d have fresh flowers on my table every day. One has to have goals.