Time for some abstract play

I was able to get my hands on some pretty large canvases and I’ve been having a great time letting myself loose with the

The Gift of Water

I just finished a large canvas of one of my favorite subjects: the field opposite our house in Lower Ranchitos. This time, ins

The Snows of Yesteryear

I appreciated this image so much which I generated with an early AI-art generation application called SnowPixel that I decided

Landscapes take shape

As I’m getting ready for the Spring show at Parsons Gallery of the West, I am thinking about how a landscape tells a sto

One view, three paintings

I have slowed down my output to work on my technique. In other words, I spent enough time with a particular subject to be able

Along the Path

A couple of years ago, I watched a few video demonstrations by abstract expressionists I admire and I decided to try their pro

Take Me to the River

Wash me in the water. I like to paint abstracts in between my more narrative pieces because it helps me explore color and pain

Making art and the Brain

Why does making art make me feel so good? After a painting session, I feel wonderfully stimulated and as if parts of my brain

Brushes with greatness

Even though I have a trove of brushes, sorted by handle length, there are certain brushes that I gravitate toward over the las

Painting demonstration at Taos Art Supply

Have you ever wondered if people can even consider oil paints that are solvent-free? Historically, we associate oil paints wit