Along the Path

“Along the Path,” acrylic on canvas, 30×20

A couple of years ago, I watched a few video demonstrations by abstract expressionists I admire and I decided to try their process. I ended up producing nearly 20 pieces of varied sizes. I tried acrylics and I even took the time to try a couple with oil paints.

I like many of them and share them often in my social media feed, but this one is, arguably, the finest one in the bunch.

The process is pretty simple. Lay down marks on a primed and grounded canvas, and build many layers beyond that, and then, start subtracting space with white or a light-valued color for the final expression.

I love the process and how easily the tone of a painting changes between those layers.

On the back of this painting is a note that a friend of mine would love to have the painting, should she ever be in a position to buy it. Until then, it is still available for sale because I feel it is one of the best examples of my work in this particular branch of exploration.

If I were to sell it, I would be bolstered with my intent to become an abstract expressionist, ultimately. So this is a little capture of how things looked along the path.