The Wind in the Garden

Here’s an example of the many layers and changes one of these abstracts go through in the process of coming into being.

Acrylics and abstractions

I have tried to make successful abstract paintings with oils and it’s just not quite been worth the effort and materials

Like a shaggy dough

During the COVID-19 isolation, I’ve watched a lot of videos on how to make no-knead breads, soughdough breads, and flatb

The view from above

I have made a series of paintings that reflect natural shapes that humans create on the landscape – at least in our area. I


I am on a mission to simplify my painting. I have become swamped with details and everything has suffered. The paint was dull

Images from space

I have been looking at the work of Richard Diebenkorn as a way to abstract a landscape and I have found myself here: Painting

New Approach to Landscapes

My patron, Robert Parsons, suggested I look at the work of Leo Garel. I was already looking at Dasburg and Diebenkorn, so it w

Fractals as art

One of the things I’ve been devoting my time to over the last few decades is the pursuit of a medium that can express wh

The Persistence of Vision

Long before I moved to Taos, New Mexico, I read an impactful science fiction novella by John Varley called Persistence of Visi

Dirty Grid Series, #1

I started this series for several reasons, but primarily it was because I had gotten the flu and I was coughing and shaking so