The charms of Hacienda de Los Martinez in Lower Ranchitos

Opportunities for Plein air painting are all around in Taos and Northern New Mexico. When I give my ghost tour and someone ask

Fractals as art

One of the things I’ve been devoting my time to over the last few decades is the pursuit of a medium that can express wh

Copying Taos Masters

I like to study classic Taos founder paintings as a way to understand the signature compositional styles and storytelling fact

The Persistence of Vision

Long before I moved to Taos, New Mexico, I read an impactful science fiction novella by John Varley called Persistence of Visi

Lab coat

I went through a phase of not caring if I got paint on my clothes. It was a badge of courage, so to speak, and I wore those sl

Notes on the “Taoseño” Series

There are five paintings in my studio that are part of a continuing series called the “Taoseño” series. These are

Dirty Grid #2

The second in my “Dirty Grid” series explores the five basic shapes in a nine-based array as before. My friend and

Dirty Grid Series, #1

I started this series for several reasons, but primarily it was because I had gotten the flu and I was coughing and shaking so

Snow Day

I started this painting on a day when we had frozen fog and I was able to finish it today during our snow storm. My gallery sa

“Small Works” show at Parsons Gallery of the West

Every opening at the gallery impresses on me how lucky I am to be at this gallery. I love the way they have displayed my work.