A Gene Kloss series

I have admired the work of Gene Kloss for years. I have also been a fan of the 1930s black and white graphic style of her era.

A bonded pair

You know how animal rescue shelters are often trying to adopt pairs that have become bonded together? These two paintings are

Song inspiration

There’s a song we sing in the Swing Dusters, the Western Swing Band I am in with Robert Parsons and a wonderful group of

Permission and persistence

Earlier in the week I posted about the persistence of vision of an idea with regard to planting seeds and making paintings. Ev

Perseverance and long-range planning

When we moved into our house in Lower Ranchitos, I tried a lot of things when it came to gardening and planting. Not a whole l

Magpie poses

The addition of a bird feeder to my usual springtime hanging of hummingbird feeders has led to invasion by a family of magpies

The Old Site of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Here’s another painting of a Northern New Mexico Church, the old site of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church prior to it bu

An exciting new direction

Every once and a while I’ll pick up an art magazine and be really impressed with a painting I might see. Most recently,

El Santuário de Chimayó

Up in the mountains of Northern New Mexico is a little church where the idea of miraculous healing nd pilgrimage is still aliv

The charms of Hacienda de Los Martinez in Lower Ranchitos

Opportunities for Plein air painting are all around in Taos and Northern New Mexico. When I give my ghost tour and someone ask