“La Lomita,” oil on canvas panel by Melwell, 8×10

A Gene Kloss-inspired painting. Nevermind that the original is a winter-time snow painting. I changed the season, the color, a

“Return of the Procession,” oil on canvas panel by Melwell, 8×10

Inspired by a Gene Kloss composition. If you have not witnessed this event, you owe it to yourself to go just once.

“Witnesses,” oil on canvas panel by Melwell, 8×10

Inspired by a quintessential Gene Kloss composition, “Wind Cloud,” from 1934.

A bonded pair

You know how animal rescue shelters are often trying to adopt pairs that have become bonded together? These two paintings are

Magpie poses

The addition of a bird feeder to my usual springtime hanging of hummingbird feeders has led to invasion by a family of magpies

The Old Site of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Here’s another painting of a Northern New Mexico Church, the old site of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church prior to it bu

An exciting new direction

Every once and a while I’ll pick up an art magazine and be really impressed with a painting I might see. Most recently,

El Santuário de Chimayó

Up in the mountains of Northern New Mexico is a little church where the idea of miraculous healing nd pilgrimage is still aliv

Notes on the “Taoseño” Series

There are five paintings in my studio that are part of a continuing series called the “Taoseño” series. These are

Dirty Grid #2

The second in my “Dirty Grid” series explores the five basic shapes in a nine-based array as before. My friend and