Fresh paint

I just finished a painting that began this summer as a sketch. When it became realized as a painting, I believe it is the same

More bigness

I have been gifted a couple of extremely large canvases and it’s been so rewarding to fling paint without regard for how

The view from above

I have made a series of paintings that reflect natural shapes that humans create on the landscape – at least in our area. I

Images from space

I have been looking at the work of Richard Diebenkorn as a way to abstract a landscape and I have found myself here: Painting

New Approach to Landscapes

My patron, Robert Parsons, suggested I look at the work of Leo Garel. I was already looking at Dasburg and Diebenkorn, so it w

From the Top of Tom Holder Road

There’s a road in Taos County off of State Road 240 called Tom Holder Road. It connects the highway with West Romero Road an

New book released as a video

I decided to release my children’s book, “Little Snowflake Flower,” as a video as we are in the middle of qu

“La Lomita,” oil on canvas panel by Melwell, 8×10

A Gene Kloss-inspired painting. Nevermind that the original is a winter-time snow painting. I changed the season, the color, a

“Return of the Procession,” oil on canvas panel by Melwell, 8×10

Inspired by a Gene Kloss composition. If you have not witnessed this event, you owe it to yourself to go just once.

“Witnesses,” oil on canvas panel by Melwell, 8×10

Inspired by a quintessential Gene Kloss composition, “Wind Cloud,” from 1934.