Images from space

I have been looking at the work of Richard Diebenkorn as a way to abstract a landscape and I have found myself here: Painting

New Approach to Landscapes

My patron, Robert Parsons, suggested I look at the work of Leo Garel. I was already looking at Dasburg and Diebenkorn, so it w

From the Top of Tom Holder Road

There’s a road in Taos County off of State Road 240 called Tom Holder Road. It connects the highway with West Romero Road an

Painting from the top of Tom Holder Road

There are dozens of places in the Taos area that have become favorite views for painters and photographers. One of them is the

More Bruegel influence

Here is a favorite Bruegel painting, “The Fall of Icarus,” which I used as inspiration for my painting “A Busy M


More work with the masters. I have always admired the work of Francisco Goya and as I scanned through his famous images, one s

More work with the masters

In trying to sharpen my composition skills I am studying the masters. Here is an example of a classic image and then my rendit

“La Lomita,” oil on canvas panel by Melwell, 8×10

A Gene Kloss-inspired painting. Nevermind that the original is a winter-time snow painting. I changed the season, the color, a

“Witnesses,” oil on canvas panel by Melwell, 8×10

Inspired by a quintessential Gene Kloss composition, “Wind Cloud,” from 1934.

Song inspiration

There’s a song we sing in the Swing Dusters, the Western Swing Band I am in with Robert Parsons and a wonderful group of