New pieces drying

A couple of pieces have been in the works for a while, leaning against the wall or hanging, unframed and unvarnished on the wa

Color opposites are amped in autumn

Orange and turquoise! Yellow and purple! The very air is abuzz with all the rod and cone snapping of color opposites in the fa

Big Summer Show at Parsons

The event of the summer at Parsons Gallery of the West is planned for Saturday, August 7, at 5 p.m. All gallery artists have s

Painting demonstration at Taos Art Supply

Have you ever wondered if people can even consider oil paints that are solvent-free? Historically, we associate oil paints wit

I want all the colors

“I want all the colors. Not just the ones you can see.” – Melwell Romancito

Fresh paint

I just finished a painting that began this summer as a sketch. When it became realized as a painting, I believe it is the same

More bigness

I have been gifted a couple of extremely large canvases and it’s been so rewarding to fling paint without regard for how

Terrible beauty

A friend gave me a large canvas she had started working on but never finished. I know how that can be. I accepted it gladly, t

Many happy “Returns”

January is my birthday month and to celebrate I am allowing myself the indulgence of returning to an old style I used to produ

Southwest Art Market at MRM

I’m excited to announce that my artwork will be part of the Millicent Rogers Southwest Art Market, which is happening on