Painting from the top of Tom Holder Road

There are dozens of places in the Taos area that have become favorite views for painters and photographers. One of them is the view of a little valley from the top of Tom Holder Road.

While on isolation from the COVID-19 Virus, we’ve been sheltering at home and I have painted the foothills from the end of my driveway three times already and I needed someplace to paint that wasn’t too far, so my husband and I finally made the trip today.

I put together a small pochade box made from a cigar box my neighbor had given me. It was nice and small, fit inside an old purse that was able to carry the other items like brushes and mediums, but the largest I could work on with this little “fun-sized” thing was 5×7.

I took an old briefcase my grandmother had bought me and turned it into a box that can accommodate an 11×14, which is a way better size for a beginner like me.

I hadn’t worked out how to keep the canvas steady and it was a bit windy to do more than block in the values, but I am actually happy with what I was able to get in a few minutes. I have to say it is inspiring and thrilling to be outdoors. My eyes never stay too long on one thing because there is so much, and with this being very early spring, everything has a sort of raw and potential beauty that is not present other seasons.

Rick took reference photos for me so I’ll be able to finish from home, but as soon as all of this is over, I can’t wait to do more of it.