They only come out at night

No, I am not talking about the Edgar Winter album from 1972, I’m talking about the Night Walkers and Nature Spirits that come out at night or during violent thunderstorms.

Have you ever seen something that you know is not quite of this world, but in fact, you know it is so much of this world as to be “super” natural?

These illustrations are part of a book I am putting together with my husband and daughter about all of those supernatural stories you hear about in Northern New Mexico.

Here is a sample of the writing:

I might have been reading, I might have been simply thinking I don’t remember. All I remember was that riding high over the sound of the wind came a thin wailing a crying sound that might have been a coyote or a baby.

I looked at my cats. They had heard it too and were puffed up three times their normal size. Their eyes were wild, and I could tell they were wrestling with a desire to go outside and find out what it was and another to turn tail and hide under the bed.

Then I heard it again. Instead of sounding like an animal, this time it had a distinctly human tenor. I got up from the chair and peered out the window but couldn’t see anything because the inside lights were on. Again the cry came. My hand went to the light switch and as it did, the wail articulated into a cry for help .

I threw on a coat and left the fireside.

As I made my way to the river that ran across the front of my land, I saw the mounds of snow that hid in the shadows during the day and did not melt. In the blue moon light, they glowed a ghostly white like the humps of brooding animals.

Then I heard the cry again. Without the buffer of the warmth and the house, the sound was alarming not because someone needed help but be¬ cause it had an otherworldly shimmer to it like pure dread. I felt my own hair rise away from my skin.