Looking for my angle

Martinez Hacienda - 2

The second day of painting at Martinez Hacienda was a little shorter than the first day. I started a little later so it would be warmer. Around 10:30 or so, though, the wind started to pick up so I packed it in for the day.

It is such an idyllic setting. There is the hacienda, many fences, the river and several large trees on the location, each one vying to be painted.

While I work, besides the rising sound of traffic on Lower Ranchitos, I hear lots of animal sounds. Today, goats sounded especially active and yesterday, I heard beavers scuffling on the river bank.

Today, I feel like a raven warned me about the wind because just before it rose up, a big fat one (the stately raven!) traveled overhead and croaked once. Next time, I’ll listen.

I had just finished a panel and was putting everything away. The wind blew it against my shirt, so I’ve got to repair the brush strokes again.